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SuperSite                      A SuperSite is a second or third website that can be used for various situations.

                                      If you are not familiar with the Difference between SuperSite and CalendarSync, please review this article: Click here to read this article.

CalendarSync                Allows an account that distributes homes for another Property Manager to sync the calendars when a booking is placed.

Booking                        Reservation.

Property                       Unit. This differs slightly regarding AOA properties.

AOA                               Allocation on Arrival

Desktop app                 CiiRUS downloaded and installed on your computer

Web app                        CiiRUS being viewed within a web browser (eg, Explorer, Chrome, etc)

Plain text                      Unformatted text that can easily be transferred to listing sites such as HomeAway

Property features         Amenities

XML                               Customizable programming language particularly useful for information interchange between CiiRUS and third party listing sites

.jpg, .png                       Image file types accepted by CiiRUS. Jpg =/= .jpeg.

.csv, .xls, xlsx               Typically a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

OA                                 Owner Account

TBS                              Total Booking Summary

Property                        Home

PMS                               Property Management Software

PM                                 Property Manager

MC                                 Property Manager

Reservations                 Bookings

Bookings                      Reservations

Extras                            Additional items available Example:   Welcome packs, BBQ rental, Accidental Damage Insurance

ADI                                 Accidental Damage Insurance