Property Audit Report

The Property Audit report is a quick and efficient way to ensure that each property is configured to 100% and ready to list on the booking platforms. The Property Audit displays all properties in the system with the settings that are required for the channels (VRBO, Airbnb, ect) and highlights any missing data, making it much faster to audit all properties at once.

How to Access the Property Audit Report

To load the Property Audit report, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Property Audit

Click the check-box to include calendar sync properties in the report, and then click "Refresh."

The table displays all properties in the system and a at a glance view of the required settings.

Color Key

GREEN = Complete - channel requirements are met.

ORANGE = Not specified or populated, however, the channels do not require this setting.

RED = Not complete - a channel prerequisite that requires populating or specifying.

From the table, information can quickly be updated by simply double clicking on the applicable field within the column. For example, double click on the "Address" field in line with "Property 5" to quickly fill in the address for this property. The "Location" page will open to fill out the missing data.

Notice, the fields within the window that opens, are color coded to correspond with the Property Audit report. Once the data is entered, the color turns green.

Fill out the missing data and click the "Save" button to go back to the Property Audit report.

The audit report will refresh in real-time to see the data that has been entered.

Repeat the above steps to finish entering all the missing data.

Keep in mind, the fields in orange may not be required. For instance, "Address Line 2" is not always relevant depending on the location of the property.

The total number of images and amenities may appear in orange, as each channel requires a different minimum number of these items. Please check with our Customer Success Team to find out the minimum requirement.

Using the Column Chooser

Just like with other tables throughout the system, additional columns can be added to the table by right-clicking anywhere on the column header, and selecting the column chooser:

To add a column, simply drag it out of the "Column Chooser" window and drop it into the table or double-click on the applicable column:

How to Export the Property Audit Report

The table can be exported to Excel, by clicking the "Export" button below the table.

Please check the "Downloads" folder to open the file with Excel.