The property description page is the core of your online marketing. The Descriptions area in CiiRUS gives you full control over content and customization for your online property pages.

Important - Please note the difference between a Description and a Description Set: The Description Set is everything that is displayed on the property description page, and is made up of multiple Descriptions.


To edit your online property description page for the selected property, go to Owners & Homes and select Descriptions from the options on the left.

At the bottom of the description editor you will see icon for 3 different view modes: design mode, HTML edit mode, and preview mode.

Design Mode

The Design Mode is a representation of how the description will appear on the website (WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get).

This view features guidelines that aid in the development of the description set, but do not actually appear on the website.

HTML Edit Mode

The HTML Edit Mode will show you the property description page in terms of the HTML code that the page is composed from.

This view is useful if you wish to fine tune the elements displayed on your description page, or if your are duplicating description sets to other properties.

Preview Mode

The Preview Mode shows you the final product of your Description set.

It is similar to the Design Mode however any guidelines or hidden elements will not show.

Adding a New Description Set

To create a new description set click on the Add New Set button. A panel will drop down where you can enter Headline, Bullet Point, and SEO information.

Enter a name for the description set into the field next to Set Name, fill out the other desired fields, and click the Add button to add the new description set to the property.

Please note: the only field that is required when creating a new set is the Set Name. All other fields can be added or edited later using the Title / Bullet Points button.

Adding a New Description Set

Setting the Description Set on Your Website

You can have multiple description sets saved to a single property, but only one will display on your website. The other description sets can be used for agents and other listing websites.

To set a description set to be the default description for your website, first select select the desired Description Set (1) from the drop down list.

Then click on the Title / Bullet Points (2) button, check the box next to Use this set for your website? (3) and click Update (4) to save your changes.

After Setting Your Description Set...

Once you have set a description set to use for your website, the title of this set will appear bold in the Description Set drop down list.

After Setting Your Description Set...

Adding a New Description

Once a new Description Set has been created the first Description, labelled Overview, is created automatically. You may want to add more descriptions to include as much information about the home as possible.

To add a new description, click on the "plus" icon on the right hand side of the screen. When the New Description pop-up appears, enter a label for the new description, and click the OK button.

You will now be able to add content to your new description.

Adding a New Description

Re-Ordering Descriptions

If you have multiple Descriptions in a Description Set, you will see them listed next to the buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

The order that the Descriptions appear here in the software, determine the order that the content will appear on the website.

To change the order of your Descriptions and property page content, select the Description you would like to move, and use the "arrow" buttons to the right to move the description up or down in the list.

Re-Ordering Descriptions

Set / Reset Template

Your CiiRUS account will come with three standard description templates that you can use for your website. These templates feature pre-designed descriptions that you can fill with your content.

To use a template, first click on the Set / Reset Template button. When the drop down panel appears, first select the template you would like to use from the drop down list, then click the Reset Button.

Set / Reset Template

Template Reset confirmation

After clicking the Reset button from the Set / Reset Template drop down panel, another panel will pop up asking you to confirm the reset.

Please note that resetting the template will replace the descriptions and content currently in your Description Set with the descriptions and content from the template.

Click the Yes button to confirm your selection and complete the template reset.

Template Preview

Before resetting the description set template, you have the option to preview its appearance in your web browser.

To preview a description set template, first select the desired template from the drop down list(1)   then select the Click to preview link (2)  to display the template in your default web browser.

Template Preview

Duplicate for Agent

If you stream properties over to SuperSite agents, you may want to create description sets that better suit the agent's website.

For Example, if the Description Set for your website features a phone number for your company, your agent may wish to display the agencies phone number instead for their website.

CiiRUS makes it easy to duplicate a description set to use for an agent. To do so, first select the Description Set you want to duplicate, then click the Duplicate for agent button on the right.

When the confirmation panel appears click OK, and a copy of the select Description Set will be created and labeled as Agent Description Set.

Plain Text

If you use an XML connection to display your property to another 3rd party website, you will want to include descriptive text about the property to display on the site as well.

This text can be entered and stored in the Plain Text Description panel. To open the panel, click on the Plain Text button on the right.

Type a description for the property or copy and paste the text from another source, and click the Save button to update the text to the server. This text will then stream through your XML connection to the 3rd party website for display.


When you have completed designing your Description Set, you may wish to see how it appears on your website.

To preview the currently selected Description Set, click the Preview button on the right, and your description page will appear in your default web browser.

Editing Title & Bullet Points

The Headline, Property Title, and Bullet Points set in your Description Set.  Please note that these are the first descriptions shown to potential guests when they search for properties on your website.

To enter in a headline, title and bullet points, click on the Title / Bullet Points button on the top, and fill out the available fields. From this drop down panel you also have the option to enter SEO information that will help search engines find you description page.

When you have finished filling out the desired fields, click the Update button to save changes and update the description on the server.  

Please note: The property name entered under Property Name / Location (Owners & Homes > PropertyName/Location) is not necessarily the name that will display on the website. The name entered into the Property Title field is how the property name will appear on the website.

Important Note: when filling in the fields in this drop down panel, do not click away from the panel until you have clicked the Update button. Doing so will close the panel and delete any changes made.

Editing Title & Bullet Points