Image Gallery

The Image Gallery is where images of a property can be stored and displayed on your website. This article describe how to add, order, and remove photos from your online property details page.

Please note: The Image Gallery is not the same as the Web Image Library, and the gallery only accepts .png and .jpg image formats. Other image formats such as .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif will not work.  


To add and change images for a property, go to Owners & Homes and select Image Gallery from the options on the left hand side.

Adding Images to the Image Gallery

The software makes it easy to add images to a property.

Simply select the property that the photos belong to, open the image folder on your computer, and drag and drop the images into the lighter field in the middle of the screen.

The photos will upload to the CiiRUS servers and be available for view on the website.

Multiple images can be dragged and dropped at once, however depending on the size of each image this may take longer to complete.

It is strongly recommended that your load the images in small batches or one image at a time.

Re-ordering Images

With the images uploaded into your property's image gallery, you may want to re-order the images so the front of the house is the first image.

The top image in the image gallery is also the image that displays for the property on the property search page, and is the image guests see at the top of the description page.

To re-order an image, simply select the image you want to reposition, and use the arrow buttons on the right to move the image up or down the sort order.

Re-ordering Images

Deleting Images

When a new property is added, it is automatically given sample images as place holders on your website.

After you have added your own images, it is recommend that your remove the sample images, as they may not accurately represent the home.

To remove an image, select the image you want to remove from the gallery and click on the trash can icon to delete the image.

Deleting Images

Adding the Image Gallery to your Description Page

The Image Gallery is used to store images of a property for use on the website, however having images in the Image Gallery does not necessarily imply that they are online for display.

You will need to make sure that your have the online image gallery element added to your description set.

This is typically done by adding a description called Image Gallery to your description set, and typing in ether the [gallery] token, or [gallerynonflash] token into the description.

These tokens will be recognized by our server and will embed the online image gallery automatically.