3rd Party Websites

This article will go over the 3rd Party Websites feature, where you will find useful HTML links that can be used to link the property information in your CiiRUS account with other custom websites.


To go to the 3rd Party Websites screen and access property specific content links, go to Owners & Homes and select 3rd Party Websites from the bottom left hand panel.

The links will be arranged by the tabs you see below and relate to the property currently selected in the Property Chooser.

Media Player

If your property has a video tour uploaded or some other video you would like to show on your 3rd party website, you can embed this link into your website and the CiiRUS media player will display on your property page.

You can change the Height and Width parameters of the iFrame to better fit the Media player to your website.

Availability Calender

You can include an Availability Calender to any 3rd party website by embedding the link from this tab in your property page. This iFrame calender will automatically update in real time preventing the hassle of manually updating calendars across multiple websites.

Please note that this calender link is in iFrame format. If you prefer using and iCal format for youR availability calender, see the iCal tab in the CiiRUS Channel Manager.

Include HTML Panel


The   iFrame will display a table of the property's rental rates as well as a quote facility where potential guests can enter a date range and see a rough estimate of what it would cost to rent the property.

To feature the online quote facility on your 3rd party property page, simple embed the link from the Quoter tab below. You can adjust the size of this iFrame by changing the Height and Width parameters of the embed link.

Search Grid

More Information Panel

More Information Panel

Property Details

Mailing List

Copy Code to Clipboard

Copy Code to Clipboard

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