User / Change Tracking

In the User / Change Tracking area you will be able to see changes and additions other users have made and track changes as far back as 2 years.


You can view changes made by other SecureTrack users by going to Account Settings and selecting User / Change Tracking.

Download Filters

The Download Filters populate the various tracking tabs with change and user information.

Before viewing any information you must first look over and adjust the following settings accordingly:

  1. Staff member / group -- Determines a specific user to track. If you would like to view all user changes select All staff.
  2. From Date / To Date -- Determines the range of time that the changes or user login occurred (i.e. the system will only return changes made within this time frame).
  3. Inserts / Additions, Updates, & Deletes -- These tick boxes determine what type of change to display. The change record will be color coded in the table according to the type.
  4. Max results to return -- This option limits how many records to return. If more records are available then the max number set, the system will prioritize more recent changes and cut off older changes.
  5. Property -- This option will allow you to view changes made to a specified property. To view changes made to any property, select All Properties.  
  6. Load -- Clicking this button populates the current selected tab with the information specified in the Download Filters settings. This button must be clicked before any information can be displayed.  
Download Filters


The Bookings tracking tab displays changes and user interaction with bookings.

House Keeping

The House Keeping tracking tab displays changes and user interaction with the House Keeping Schedule.

Work Orders

The Work Orders tracking tab displays changes and user interaction with Work Orders.

Owner Accounts

The Owner Accounts tracking tab displays changes and user interaction with owner statements and billing.


The Logon's tracking tab displays the time and location of your user's logon's.