Sign in Screen

The settings in this screen manages your CiiRUS account detail, Login credentials and Outbound email Settings

Sign In

The Sign In box in the center of the screen displays current user information and controls your default dashboard setting during login.

Sign In

Current Sign In Information

In the top portion of the Sign In box you will see the current user name of the CiiRUS account above the Secure Track user name.

Note: You are not able to change your CiiRUS User Name within the software. If you would like a new user name, contact the CiiRUS Support Desk and a Technical Support Specialist will be happy to assist.

Edit contact details: allows the current user to change their email address and contact telephone number. The user can also specify how they would like to receive the verification code upon logging in, either via email address or SMS.

If you would like to change your CiiRUS account password, you can do so by clicking the Reset Password button.

When the Reset Password pop-up window appears, enter and re-enter the new password you would like to use. Click the Change button to set your new password.

Note: The Change button will be remained grayed out until the password in both fields match exactly. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Below the two user name fields, you will see the date and time that this user signed in

Sign In Directly to Your Dashboard

You can set CiiRUS to go directly to your Dashboard views in the bottom portion of the Sign In box.

Simply select the view you would like to see signing in, and click the Go button.

Sign In Directly to Your Dashboard