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Credit Card / Bank Account Details

Information entered into the Credit Card Details area is used by CiiRUS for subscription and billing purposes.


The credit card used to pay for the Ciirus subscription can be updated by going to Account Settings and selecting Card / Bank Account Details from the left menu. This feature is SSL compliant and will encrypt your credit card information for security.

Note: It is recommended that you have an active and up to date credit card on file at all times. Credit Cards are processed automatically on the first of each month. If no card exists or the card fails to process, the system sends a message to the email on file. If no action is taken, the system assumes service is no longer required, the account will expire. To reactivate an expired account, contact customer services. USA customers have the option to pay by ACH(eCheck)

Billing Address

In the Billing Address box, enter the address information associated with your credit card bank account.

Note: It is recommended that you enter your billing address EXACTLY as it appears in your bank statement. Incorrect address information may cause the card on file to decline.

Billing Address

Credit Card On File

This box display the last four digits and the expiration date of the card currently on file, as well as the controls to remove or change this card.

Credit Card On File

Changing the Credit Card On File

  1. To change or update the credit card on file, click the Update Card.
  2. Select the Card Type from the drop down menu and enter the information exactly as it appears on your credit card.
  3. When all of the information is entered, click Submit to update your card information.
Changing the Credit Card On File

eCheck from US Account

CiiRUS now offer’s it users to pay via ACH (eCheck) from their CiiRUS account. With this option selected, the user will now need just need to enter their Account number, Routing Number, and the name of the account holder, along with the billing address that is filled out above. We recommend this option, as there is no need to update details due to expiration dates or compromised card details.

To change or update the ACH (eCheck) Account Number on file, click the Update Account button.

  1. Make sure that eCheck from US Account button is selected
  2. Click the Update Account button. When the drop down window appears, enter your ACH/eCheck information in to the 3 text boxes
  3. When all of the information is entered, click Submit to update your your information.

Removing the Card On File

If you would like to remove your credit card information from our system, you can click the Remove Card button.

A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Click Yes to remove your credit card.