CiiRUS provides over 50 standard reports including Arrivals & Departures, Reservations, Occupancy, Finances, Bookkeeping, Housekeeping, and Maintenance reporting.


To access the Reporting Section, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. All Reports under the Reporting Section.

The list of reports is sorted by category in alphabetical order. Each report allows for any date range and consists of various data generated from the system. Reports can be exported to any common file type, saved, emailed, or printed.

3.   To see details of the report, click on the desired report from the list, and view the Description in the textbox to the right.

Search for a Report

Reports can be freely located by scrolling through the list. Alternatively, the Search Bar can be used to filter the results.

If the name of the report is known, enter the report name in the search box to locate that report.

Alternatively, a keyword can be entered in the search box and the system will display all reports that contain the keyword.

To clear the search results and display all reports, click the Clear button or backspace the word.

View Report & Apply Date Range

To open a report, click on the desired report from the list and either:

  1. Click the View button or
  2. Double-Click on the report.
  3. A pop-up window will appear where the date range can be specified. Enter the desired date range from the date-pickers (calendar drop-down menus)
  4. Click on View to load the report
  5. To maximize or minimize the report, click the applicable icon in the top-right corner of the pop-up window that displays the report. To exit, click on the ‘X’ icon

Export, Save or Print Report

The tool-bar at the top of the report displays the options to ‘Print’, ‘Quick Print’, ‘Export’ to any common file type, or ‘Email’ the report

Select the icon and follow the prompts to perform the desired action

Reporting Permissions (SecureTrack)

Using the SecureTrack Module, permissions can be set to limit user view access permissions. Users who are configured as administrators will see all reports.

To set the permissions for each user, Go To:

  1. Account Settings
  2. Access Control
  3. Select the applicable user
  4. Click Permissions
  5. Expand the Reports panel
  6. To completely disable access to all reports, uncheck the box for the Reports section
  7. Alternatively, to restrict individual reports, click on  Select Reports and enable the specific reports that the selected user can access. When user logs in, only the enabled reports will be visible.