Just like the Housekeeping module, the inspection module will can assign an inspection to each reservation that is placed. First, configure the inspection settings to create statuses and types of inspections. Then to set the system to automatically schedule an end of stay inspection based on the departure date, specify the default inspector against each property.

Firstly, configure the inspection settings. To do this, go to Account Settings > Software Settings Assistant and Navigate to the Inspection Settings page

As an example, a unit may require a “Pre-Stay Inspection” or an “End of Stay Inspection”

Before an Inspection can be assigned to a booking, the inspection status and type of inspection need to be added.

  1. To add a new Status: Click on the “Plus” icon to add a new row and then type for example: “No Issues”  
  2. Click the “Save ”Icon to save
  3. To add an Inspection Type: for example: A Pre-Stay Inspection, Click on the “Plus” icon to add a new row  and type “Pre-Stay Inspection"
  4. Click the "Save"icon to save.