Add Edit Items

Stock can be entered, descriptions and images added to each item, suppliers configured and low QTY email notifications sent to suppliers, Buy price and sell to owner amounts configured.

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Add an Item

1. Press the Add Item button

2. Enter the name and Quantity of the item and press OK

Enter the following information for each item:

3. Item Name

4. Item Code

5. Select the supplier from the drop down menu

6. Enter Cost Price of Item

7. Enter Price Charged to owner


Upload an Image for the Item

Upload an Image for the Item

Go to the Image tab

Press Upload Image and select the file to upload from your computer

Set the Notifications

Set the Notifications

The Notifications will send an email or text to the supplier when the quantity of an item falls below a specified level.

In the example above, a notification email will be sent to info and a text sent to the phone number when the quantity of spoons falls below 100