Creating Item Groups

Multiple items can be added to create a group of items. A typical group would be a Dinner set, this could consist of the following items:

6 Knives

6 Forks

6 Spoons

6 Bowls

6 Dinner plates

When the above items are required for a work order, the property manager selects the Dinner Set option, all the corresponding items are allocated and the stock levels for each item updated accordingly

Dinner Set Group

To Create New Group

  1. Press the Add Group button and give the group a name. In the Example above we have named the group: Plate Set
  2. Enter the description for the group
  3. Select the first item to be included in the group
  4. Press the Add button and enter the quantity required for the group
  5. Repeat step 2 and 3 until all the required items have been added to the group