View Work Orders and Tasks

The Work Orders screen allows you to create, view and edit work orders and tasks, so that Owner accounts can be charged accordingly.

TIP:  The heading filters can be useful for locating groups of work orders. Hover over a heading with the mouse and click on the small filter icon that appears.

Work Orders Panel

The Filters

Above the Work Orders display panel are the main filters that can be used to locate specific work orders. After making changes to the filter options, press Refresh to update the screen.

The main display panel shows:

  1. The work order id
  2. The name of the home
  3. The progress indicator
  4. Title of the work order
  5. Start date
  6. End date
  7. The person that the work order was assigned to
  8. The number of tasks contained in the work order
  9. Click to View Work Order . You can also double click on a work order to open it

Work Order Edit Panel

View Tasks

The task view panel displays all tasks specified within the range set by the filter panel above

Click to edit an item

Task amount charged to owner can be set by pressing the Owner Account button. This will set completed selected task amount to display on the owner account.