Add / Edit a Work Order

To Add a new Work Order:

Press the Add Work Order button

Enter a name for your work order and press Add

Note: You can also create a work order from an existing template, this saves having to enter repetitive information each time for the same (or similar) work order

The Work Order Edit Overview Screen

The top half of the Work Order edit screen displays information about the work order.

The bottom half of the screen are the tasks that are associated with the work order.

A work order can have multiple tasks. Each task can be assigned to a staff member.


Comments panel

Used to add comments for the work order

Work Order Images and PDF document files

PDF and image files can be uploaded from your computer and attached to the work order.

General Panel (Tasks)

This screen displays general information about the selected task. These include:

1  Task title

2   id

3   Description

4  Start and end date

5  The person the task has been assigned too

6  The current progress of the task

7  Option to print, send the task as an email


Time and Mileage Costs (Tasks)

Time and Millage costs can be set to update the owner account accordingly

Task Items (Tasks)

Individual task items or groups can be assigned to a task

Task Files (Tasks)

Multiple Images and PDF documents can be attached to a single task