Add / Cancel Booking

To manually Add a new booking, open the bookings manager

There are multiple ways to add a new booking in CiiRUS.

The first is by using the Bookings Manager.

Select the property and open the Bookings Manager.

  1. Click on Add Booking
  1. Specify if it is a reservation or black-out date.
  2. If it is a reservation, enter the dates,
  3. The guest first and last name,
  4. Assign a booking category or leave it as the default.
  5. If the owner is staying or it’s an owner booking, check Owner Reservation
  6. Click Add
  7. If it is a black-out date, enter the dates and a description. For example, the property is being painted and then click add.

Cancel Booking

To cancel a booking, select the booking and click Cancel Booking. Please keep in mind, that once a booking has been canceled it cannot be undone.