General Reservation Details

The General Details tab in the Bookings Manager panel contains basic information about the reservation and the guest

  1. Booking Ref:    This is the Booking ID that is automatically generated by the system
  2. Original Ref:    An original booking ID can be inputted for internal reference if the booking came from a previous software


The default categories such as management company bookings, owner bookings and blackout dates are available by default. You can add additional categories too. For Example: Add a new category for travel agents and tour operators that can be assigned to a booking for reporting purposes. To override the booking category, click Edit and choose the category from the dropdown.

Guest Name / Contact Details Panel

The guest name is updated from the CRM. To view / edit guest details click on the View button, the CRM Manage Person panel will open (see below)

Total Bookings Summary

Lock Box

The default lock box (keyless entry) code set in MC Specific Property Details will be used when no code exists at the reservation level. If a code has been entered into the lockbox screen it will override the default value. The new value will be used, this will override the default lockbox code.

If no value is set against the reservation, the default value is used

If a code is entered into the lockbox code it will be used and will override the default

Date Booked displays or sets the date the reservation was made

Booking Contact displays or sets the booking agent for the reservations

Supersite Agent displays or sets the Supersite agent for the reservation


Arrival / Departure

The Arrival Departure panel:

  • View/Edit Arrival and Departure date
  • Set to early check in / late check out for the times to appear on the arrival, departures, and House Keeping reports
  • View/Edit Check in/out times
  • Arrival/Departure info is commonly used to store flight arrival and departure information
Arrival / Departure

Send Confirmation

A guest or owner booking confirmation email can be sent automatically from the CRM or on demand from the booking. To send a manual confirmation, select the template from the dropdown menu and specify the email address. You can enter multiple email addresses, by adding a comma, space and the next email address.

To preview or edit the template before sending, click on Preview / Edit and make any applicable changes.

Click to print or email the template.

Templates are created using the Newsletters and Templates screen. Over 100 tags are available to create any combination of information to be sent.

Move Booking

To Move the current reservation to another home, press the Move Booking button and select the new home from the dropdown. Only available properties will appear.