House Keeping

House Keeping is managed in the Total Booking Summary.

Click on the "Click here to manage House Keeping" link to Open the TBS

The Housekeeping screen displays any cleans assigned to the selected booing. This is not the main housekeeping screen used to manage housekeeping, this screen allows additional cleans to be assigned to the selected reservation.

  1. Clean Frequency - Either leave as the property default or override the frequency of a clean for the selected reservation by specifying End of Stay, Weekly or Daily. Based on this setting, the system will automatically schedule the clean for the desired occurrence.

Schedule an Additional Clean

To add an additional clean

  1. Press the Add Clean button
  2. Specify the clean date, the cleaner, the type of clean
  3. Add any additional comments that are visible to the cleaner
  4. To delete a clean, click on the Delete Clean button

Any cleans that are added or deleted will automatically update on the House Keeping Schedule.