Color / View Settings

The Color / View Settings allows you to customize the look of the Bookings Schedule's view. You can use different colors for Owner Bookings and Management Bookings and select how many booking to view per page.

To access the Color / View Settings, click:

  1. Reservations& Quoting
  2. Booking Schedule
  3. Color / View Settings

Color / View Settings Overview

  1. A color scheme can be set for the booking schedule display
  2. Uses the colors set in 4 and 5 to distinguish between management company and owner bookings
  3. Uses the colors based on the category types set (Default Setting)
  4. Owner booking color (see step 2)
  5. Management company booking color (see step 2)
  6. Shows the day (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun) under the date of arrival.
  7. Highlights the entire column for the selected day.
  8. Changes the contrast of the Booking Schedule (colour vs/ black and white)
  9. Resets the view to standard Booking Schedule (default)
  10. Number of properties to display per page. If you have a low resolution screen you can reduce the number of days to display per page.
  11. Press the Refresh button once you have selected the amount of properties per page to redraw the screen.
  12. Opens up a date picker so you can select how far back you want the Booking Schedule to show
  13. Refreshes the view on the Booking Schedule (typically used after changing the date range)
  14. Shows a quick view of the dates you are currently viewing in the Bookings Schedule
  15. Take you to the current day’s view