This section is linked to all other filters in the Bookings List page but includes additional options.

  1. The Start Dates and End Dates dropdown lists determines which Bookings Lists are displayed based on the dates selected.
  2. Select whether to search by Rental Dates, Dates Booked, or Dates Canceled.
  3. If a report that you have setup for a particular company will be resent with the same information each week or each month, then you can save your current setup on to your computer and load it in when you next need it.
  4. The Include button will display a dropdown with additional features that can be included in a search. Once selected, press the Refresh button to populate the Booking List with these additional extras.
  5. The Reset button will undo the current view filters back to their default state.
  6. The Refresh button in the Filters section will update the Bookings List with any changes made by the filters that you have selected.