Saved Quotes

All quotes are stored in the Saved Quotes view. This includes quotes that have been requested by a guest viewing your website, your reservation staff working from a remote location using the Windows, online or iPhone/iPad edition of Ciirus and staff working from your local office or home. All quotes are stored and available from the same pool.

To access the Saved Quotes page, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. View Saves Quotes
  3. Saved Quotes

How to View Saved Quotes

Double Clicking on a quote or pressing the Total Quote Summary button will open the quote details dialog (below).

Total Quote Summary Screen

This screen is similar to the Total Bookings Summary screen. Quotes displayed in this screen do not appear as a confirmed booking until the Book button is clicked. At this point the quote becomes a confirmed booking and is available in the Bookings Manager and the Bookings List screen.

The operation of this screen is the same as the Booking Manager screen with the exception that it has a Book button to convert the quote to a booking and an Email button to email the quote or updated quote to a guest.

Filter / Search

Filter / Search

Use the Filter / Search to view quotes issued between the specified dates or by a Quote reference