• Set default Global commissions
  • Set default Global check-in/out times
  • Allow owners to see rates when using the owner edition

To access the Booking Settings, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Bookings Settings


  • Default Commission Setting:

The value entered (as a percentage) will be the default value for all properties. You can override this value on a per property basis from:

  • Management Company > Mc specific property details > General (tab) > Override default mc commission:

You can override the property default commission (above) at the reservation (booking) level

  • Bookings Manager > Total booking summary

If a value is entered into the total booking summary screen, this will override the property details value and the general settings (global) value.

  • Check-in/out

Check-in/out times set in this screen are the default (global) values. You can override these settings on a per reservation basis.

  • Allow Owner to See the 'Owner Amount'

When set, the owner can see what is owed for the reservations directly from the homeowner edition Bookings Manager screen. Note: If no commission is set, the full value will be displayed

  • Email Notification:


  • Email Owner

Checking this box allows you to email the owner to let them know when a new booking is made in their property.