Total Booking Summary Overview

The Total Booking Summary, or (TBS) is the Booking Folio for the selected reservation and is used to edit and view all the booking details such as the rates, booking extras, payments, housekeeping, and much more.  

The TBS can be accessed by double clicking on a reservation from either the Bookings Manager, Bookings Schedule, or the Bookings List.    

At the top of the TBS, you will see the basic details of the booking, such as the booking ID, arrival & departure dates, the property booked, the guest name and email, the booking category, and the type of booking.

Total Booking Summary - Rates Panel

The Rates panel displays the following:

  • View / Edit the Commissions structure
  • Display Totals
  • Update Taxes
  • Update and view Supersite agent rates

Total Booking Summary - Extras Panel

The Extras panel displays the following:

  • Add Extras for the selected booking
  • Delete Extras for the selected booking
  • Edit Extras for the selected booking

Total Booking Summary - Payments Received Panel

  • Add/Edit any payments made against the booking by card, check or cash
  • Links to the online payment page
  • Take card payment
  • Add a new Card / Payment method
  • Balance due Settings: The system will auto send payment reminder emails when it finds the outstanding amount has not been paid by the balance due date. Email frequency and template can be edited.
  • Override the auto-process balance setting on a booking basis
  • Take security Deposits
  • Send Email Conformation
  • Reconcile a payment

Total Booking Summary - Check-in/out Information Panel

  • Allow guests to view Arrival information, lock box codes, gate codes and wifi passwords when they are using the Guest Portal
  • Time stamp when the guest checked in or out
  • Copy Arrival Information


Total Booking Summary – House Keeping Panel

  • Override the clean frequency
  • Add / Edit cleans
  • Add comments to a clean
  • Delete a clean

Total Booking Summary – Guests Panel

  • Add guests and child ages
  • Specify the number of adults and children in the party

Total Booking Summary - General Panel

  • General Booking information
  • Make a booking tentative
  • Assign a Booking Contact
  • Send Guest Rental Agreement
  • Track all changes made to the booking
  • View the Rate Set History

Total Booking Summary - Comments Panel

  • Add Private comments  internal comments only
  • Add General comments  general comments to appear on various reports

Total Booking Summary – Scratch Pad Panel

  • Add free-format notes that are visible between the MC and Agent if applicable

Total Booking Summary – Flags

  • Add booking flags to indicate that the booking has a special requirement
  • Add comments to the applicable flags

Total Booking Summary – Inspections

  • Add New Inspections to the booking
  • Edit existing scheduled inspections
  • Add comments and update the status of the inspection to complete

Total Booking Summary – Uploads

  • Upload and view external documents to a booking (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, or docx)

Booking Actions Button

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