Send Payment to Owner Account

The Owner Account button allows the owner share of the income to be sent to the owner statement.

Bookings Manager > Total Bookings Summary (TBS) > Booking Actions > Send Payment to Owner Account

Ciirus has three accounting modes:

  1. Internal Accounting mode (this is the most popular)
  2. QuickBooks accounting mode (Ciirus has an integrated real-time QuickBooks connector)
  3. Hybrid Mode (a combination of the above)

The above image displays the features available in the Internal accounting mode that allows full or part payments to be sent to the owner account.

Part payments are sometime useful if the owner has a negative balance on the account. For Example:

The owner owes the property manager $500, the property manager owes the owner $633.35, instead of paying the owner the full amount due from this booking, the property manager may decide to send the following amounts to the owner accounts:

Month 1:      $200

Month 2:      $200

Month 3:      $263.35

For each month, enter the amount to be paid, the Statement Date, the description and press Send

When using QuickBooks mode the Owner A/C button is disabled. Amounts are sent using the disbursement routine.