Set / Edit Commissions (MC / Owner Amounts)

Each home usually has a default commission amount set. The property manager can override the default commission amounts on a per reservation basis. The updated commission amounts can be entered as a percentage or as a fixed amount. Other bookings will not be affected by these changes, only the selected booking will be updated.

The MC / Owner Amounts Panel

The MC / Owner Amounts Panel displays the total amount due to the MC versus the amount due to the owner.

Show Calcs

To see a breakdown of charges, click on the Show Cals Button

The Trial Balance Report will open which shows a breakdown of each item charged to the guest, the total to MC and the total due to the owner.


Owner Charges

Owner Charges can be added to a booking to charge the owner any type of fee. These fees are deduced from the base rental rate due to the owner and do not affect the charges made by the guest.

Click here to see more on Owner Charges.