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AOA (Allocated On Arrival) Bookings Mode

An AOA (Allocation on Arrival) property is a non-real property in your account that represents one or more real properties of a specific type or category. AOA properties can store multiple overlapping in their calendars. Bookings placed in AOA properties are then allocated to your actual managed home that matches that specific AOA type.

To access the Allocated On Arrival Mode, Click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Bookings Schedule
  3. Show AOA list

AOA Screen

AOA Screen
  1. Shows a quick overview of the AOA bookings you currently have.
  2. Closes the AOA screen.
  3. Shows only the available AOA properties.
  4. Takes your view on the Bookings Schedule to the dates selected so you may view availability.
  5. Prints a report of any current AOA bookings.
  6. If you have an allocated AOA bookings, you can “Paste” the information and select the AOA property that you will assign the booking to.