Booking Categories

Booking categories can be defined and set for multiple booking types. The system has a number of pre-defined categories available, these cannot be deleted. However you can add more categories and change the behavior of the new categories.

The categories can then be selected and assigned to a reservation directly from the Bookings Manager.

For example you may wish to allocate a category to each of your agents, tour operators and other people or companies that supply reservations or have multiple owner booking categories, some that might be tax exempt.

When a category is set to an owner booking, the owner can view and update financial and duration details from the owner edition. When owner booking is not set, no financial details will be displayed and only the guest name, arrival/departue dates are visible.

The bottom screen determines the default behavior used when a new booking is placed for the main categories.

To access the Bookings Categories page, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Booking Settings
  3. Bookings Catagories

Booking Categories Screen

To enter a new booking category, select the Add Category button, and type the information into the newly created field.