Supersite Reports

Your system contains various preconfigured Supersite reports.

To access this screen, click on:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Supersites > and then select the
  3. Reports tab.

Date Ranges

To view bookings made by your agents, be sure to:

  1. Apply the correct parameters by entering a date range
  2. Then click Refresh.



Date Ranges

SuperSites Table Columns

The columns will display:

  1. The Supersite Agent that made the reservation
  2. The date the booking was placed
  3. The Booking Reference/ ID
  4. The Property
  5. Arrival Date
  6. Departure Date
  7. How many nights each booking is for
  8. The Guest's Name
  9. The Net Rental Rate
  10. The Agent Rental Rate
  11. The Agents Commission

Printing a Report

To Print a report, click on Print near the bottom bar.

Printing a Report

All reports that are generated by the system can be exported to various file types including PDF, XLS, or CSV files to further manipulate. You can also print or email reports directly from the system.

View the Booking Financials

  1. Double-click on a reservation under the Bookings Made by Your Agents tab to view the Booking Financials, or what we call the "Total Bookings Summery."
  2. The same applies under the Bookings you have made for your Suppliers tab