Connecting to Airbnb


CiiRUS is proud to announce its latest integration. 2-way sync is now available from your CiiRUS account to AirBnb.

It must firstly be advised that this connection requires certain assumptions be made by the property manager in regards to booking financials. AirBnb is unique from other channels in that they remit taxes in certain regions where they are required to do so. In the event that a tax figure is not remitted by AirBnb, it is not included by AirBnb in the amount charged to the guest.

The burden of tax is always the responsibility of the agent placed in charge of managing the rental (whether homeowner, or manager). This user will be able to run reports in CiiRUS that will display the tax amount remitted by AirBnb on a per-reservation basis. Further tools and reports are also available to display the amount of tax not remitted by AirBnb, for which the previously mentioned agent assumes responsibility.

The user should carefully check every reservation to ensure that the proper taxes have been applied.

AirBnb has kindly provided additional information regarding their tax remittance regions at the below link, for your convenience:

This integration has been highly anticipated by CiiRUS users, and we hope that you and your future guests will benefit greatly.

Video Introduction

For a full tutorial on how to connect Ciirus to Airbnb, please watch the following video.

For full screen video click here.

What AirBnb Does

Of the financial data entered against your CiiRUS homes, AirBnb recognizes the following:

  • Daily base rental amount, as determined by the assigned rate-set.
  • Cleaning fee, if enabled for AirBnb by user (short-stay settings do not apply).

Depending on the applicable tax region, AirBnb also remits tax on your behalf.

AirBnb collects payment at the time of reservation, and will pay remitted tax to the tax agency, and any funds to the property manager 24 hours following guest check-in.

When the reservation is confirmed, AirBnb will send reservation and guest details to your CiiRUS account, updating unit availability and logging financial details.

When AirBnb disburses payment, a notification of payment is sent to the property manager or agent. Should a change (or cancellation) occur to the guest details or dates booked via AirBnb, the reservation will be automatically updated in your bookings manager.

What AirBnb Does Not Do

AirBnb does not support the following charges or fee types:

  • Booking fee
  • Pool heat
  • Mandatory or optional extras
  • Non AirBnb remitted taxes

CiiRUS Gateway Fee

By listing properties via the CiiRUS to Airbnb integration, you understand and agree to a 1% gateway fee charged by CiiRUS.

Do you Agree?

By having clicked the link which generated this e-mail and signing into your Airbnb account you understand and agree to the terms of this integration with Airbnb. By agreeing to this document, you agree and consent to the method used by CiiRUS and AirBnb to calculate booking financials pertaining to this integration.

A copy of these terms and an example of a working AirBnb reservation will be sent to the email address on file with your CiiRUS account.

Listing Workflow

Listing Workflow

Airbnb Remitting All Taxes:

Airbnb Remitting Partial Taxes: