HomeAway Sync

CiiRUS connects your inventory directly to the HomeAway network via 2-way API feed, meaning that your listings’ essential data, such as descriptions, rates, images, features, terms, and calendar are pushed out to HomeAway in real-time. Your CiiRUS account will then be automatically updated when a new reservation or inquiry is placed by HomeAway.

One of the largest suppliers of inventory to the HomeAway network, CiiRUS often spearheads many of the HomeAway pilot programs and new features, giving you ample opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and on top of the competition. The HomeAway feed from CiiRUS produces tens of millions of dollars each year for our customer base.

HomeAway Sync Information Video

Steps on How to Sync and List your Properties on HomeAway

Activating the connection between CiiRUS and HomeAway.com is a simple process.

Please go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting and then
  2. Select Channel Manager.
  3. HomeAway appears in the first tab. In order to enable HomeAway as channel partner in CiiRUS,
  4. Check the box that states "Enable HomeAway Sync?".

After enabling the Sync, please contact HomeAway to setup an account. Please make note of your User ID as Homeaway will ask for this when creating your account. Once you supplied your User ID, HomeAway will set your account and listing preferences (including subscription levels and bundles), so that you can begin the activation and syncing process.

Steps on How to Sync and List your Properties on HomeAway

Components that must be configured before Syncing each Property

Before syncing, each property must be correctly configured to ensure that all listings meet quality standards.

The Property set up will have four settings:

  1. Rates
  2. Description
  3. Terms
  4. Property Features and Images
  5. Enabling the Feed

We will review each of these components in detail next.

General Rate Settings


  1. The rates used for HomeAway must be either Daily or Weekly.
  2. Monthly rates and Combined rates WILL NOT WORK and should be avoided.  
  3. The rates currency must be set to be consistent with the currency of your HomeAway profile. A currency mismatch will cause an error.


General Rate Settings

New Set

Once the settings are applied, you are free to begin building your rate set. To create a rate set,

  1. Click on New Set, enter description name, for example, Dolphin Way HomeAway Rates >
  2. Click Add


Add Date Band

To add the Date Band,

  1. Click the 'Add Date Band' button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Enter the 'Date From' by clicking on the date drop down
  3. Enter the 'Date To' by clicking on the next date drop down
  4. Enter the Daily/Weekly amount for the selected period
  5. Click Add


Add Date Band

Description (Title and Headline)

To view or enter descriptions, select a Property from the Property Dropdown Chooser and go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Descriptions
  3. Under Title and Bullet Points, enter the Headline.  The Headline must have a minimum of 20 characters.
  4. Then enter the Property Title


Description (Title and Headline)

Plain Text Description

  1. Enter the Plain Text Description which is a description of the property. The Plain Text Description must be a minimum of 400 characters.
  2. Press Save and Close

HTML descriptions are not supported

Terms & Conditions

To enter Terms and Conditions, go to Reservations and Quoting > Quote Settings

  1. Select the Terms and Conditions tab <then either>
  2. Select a Terms and Conditions template from the left menu<OR>
  3. Press the Add button to create a New one
  4. If you are creating a new Terms and conditions Template, enter the Terms and Conditions in to the 3 white panels located under the Plain Text Setting section of the screen.

HTML descriptions are not supported here

Property Features

To specify the Property Features that will reflect on your HomeAway listings, go to

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Property Features
  3. Press the HomeAway Button.
Property Features

The HomeAway Mappings Property Features only apply to the selected property.

Image Gallery

To view uploaded images, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Image Gallery
Image Gallery

The first 24 photos will feed to HomeAway. HomeAway will display the title of each image.

  1. To change the image title, triple click on the text to update

Enable Sync

Once you have populated each property with rates, descriptions, terms and conditions, property images and features, you are ready to

  1. Specify the correct Rate Set
  2. Specify the correct Description Set
  3. Specify the correct Terms & Conditions Set and then
  4. Sync each unit to HomeAway

The activation process is now complete!


Settings that Sync to HomeAway

You must configure the Quote Settings for each property in your system. Most of the Quote Settings are supported and sync over to HomeAway. Specifically, the settings listed below:

  1. Cleaning Fee
  2. Booking Fee
  3. Discount
  4. Balance Payment
  5. Down Payment
  6. Online Booking Settings
  7. In addition to Quote Settings, Mandatory Cart Extras will also sync over to HomeAway

Required Fields for Properties Syncing to HomeAway

Here is a helpful chart of the required fields that you must fill in in order to successfully sync your properties to HomeAway. This chart displays where the fields are located within your CiiRUS account and how they reflect on HomeAway


Number on Property Example

Name of Field on HomeAway

Name of Field on CiiRUS





Accommodation Summary


Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Descriptions > Title & Bullet Points > Headline



Plain Text Description

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Descriptions > Plain Text Description


Minimum Length of Stay*



Maximum Number of Guests

Sleeps # of guests

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Features > Sleeps # of guests


Number of Bedrooms*

Number of bedrooms

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Features > Number of bedrooms



Number of Bathrooms*

Number of bathrooms

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Features > Number of bathrooms


Longitude & Latitude*

GPS X Co-ordinate (Latitude) GPS Y Co-ordinate (Longitude)

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > GPS X Co-ordinate (Latitude)ggggggggggg GPS Y Co-ordinate (Longitude)



Address Line 1

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > Address Line 1




Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > City


State/Province* (if applicable)


Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > State



Zip / Post Code

Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > Zip / Post Code




Steps: Select Unit > Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > Country



Rate Set

Steps: Reservations & Quoting > Channel Manager > Rate Set



How it will display on the HomeAway Website