HomeAway version 4.0

Ciirus is proud to announce our latest innovation with HomeAway version 4.0. We have now upgraded from 3.4  to Version 4, which now provides additional tools to the property manager to:

  • Increase conversion
  • Improve ranking in the search results on HomeAway
  • Better the guest’s experience.

HomeAway version 4.0 Video

Instant Book

HomeAway has conducted research that indicates that instant book should drive a higher percentage of conversions for your listings.

This integration now supports Instant Book and all CiiRUS properties have been enabled for Instant Book.

Though not recommended, each unit can be set to Opt-Out. If enabled for Instant Book, the request to book by the user will add the reservation to CiiRUS and process payment on your behalf. If payment cannot be processed, the booking is rejected and the user is immediately notified that they need to enter correct Payment details.

If not enabled for Instant Book, the reservations will be added as a Tentative booking with a 24-hour expiry period and the payment is added as a pending payment, but the card is not charged on your behalf by the system.

Lodging Rates

Lodging rates are the first step toward Guaranteed Pricing soon to be released by HomeAway via the next Online Booking Service Update. Instead of just returning the Base Rental amount when performing a search, with guaranteed pricing, the price will include all other fees such as,

  • Mandatory extras
  • Booking fee
  • Cleaning fees, etc.

so that there is no disparity between the quote amount when searching for the property, the quote amount shown, when you arrive at the details page, or the price you pay at checkout. Version 4 utilizes this new pricing method, but Guaranteed Pricing, as of July 2017 has not yet released. This means, for now, the price the guest pays at checkout is still determined directly from a CiiRUS quote. Soon this will mean up front pricing to the guest. No pesky fluctuation in a listings price through the booking process means higher conversion.

Cancellation Policies

At present, your cancellation policies are determined by what has been set in your Terms and Conditions. In the HomeAway guaranteed Pricing Online Booker, which should be released soon this year, there will be 6 choices to choose from. Default (moderate) / Relaxed / Moderate / Firm / Strict / and No Refund.

This policy will not be active until new Online Booker goes live, but you must set them up before hand, so that there are no errors when the next version of Online Booker is released.

Below is a detailed list for the Cancellation Policies:

Please note: If you fail to set these policies before the release of the New Online Booker, the “Default (Moderate)” policy will be automatically selected.

Stay Collect Fee

Down-payment Amount

In HomeAway v4, only 2 of the 4 Ciirus down-payment Amounts are supported.

The supported amounts are

  1. Fixed down-payment per booking and
  2. Percentage of quoted price


If the:

  1. Specific amount per week / part per week booked) or
  2. First Night Rent (Total / Nights)) radio buttons

are selected, you will either need to change them or it will auto charge 25% of the quote price.

Security Deposits

(Non-refundable security deposits, must be conveyed to HomeAway, by setting them in your Ciirus account under the Security Deposit panel.

This allows lodging rates to include all pricing including the non-refundable security deposit to the guest, so that they can be fully aware of the price that they will be paying for the reservation and all associated charges.

If you fail to do this, you run the risk of having your search ranking affected by negative guest reviews whereby they expect to pay something different to what they are actually charged.

With Guaranteed pricing on the horizon, this becomes hugely important. If not stated up front to the guest as part of their quote/booking totals, you are not likely to be able to collect any additional charges that may be required.

Booking Fee

With upfront pricing and lodging rates, the way that booking fees are calculated when charged as a percentage, must be charged in a different way than they have in the past, as the booking fee is calculated differently for HomeAway than to other channels on the CiiRUS network.

The Booking fee for HomeAway is calculated only on the base rental amount, as opposed to other channels, where the booking fee is calculated on theBase Rental + cleaning fee and + sum of Extras.


Thank you for choosing CiiRUS. We are proud to be part of these new HomeAway innovations and to announce they are now part of our integration with them.

We strongly encourage ensuring all settings for this integration in your account are checked and accurately set. As always, listing accuracy, quality content, and competitive rates are the main focuses in order to stay ready for the fast changing Vacation Rental market, but by doing these things outlined in this video, you will also allow yourself to leverage the most from these new features.

Please contact CiiRUS support or your HomeAway account manager if you have any questions.


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