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HomeAway Plain Text Inquiry Template

HomeAway has recently announced a new method for handling inquiries from guests called, "Secure Messaging".

HomeAway no longer allow HTML in the inquiry response templates. To facilitate this, when you add a new template, you must now specifically configure it as a plain text template, then assign the template to HomeAway. It is important that you do not enter or paste any HTML code in to these templates because HomeAway will strip out any HTML leaving the inquiring guest with a badly formatted and unreadable email response from you.

Plain text templates cannot allow HTML. CiiRUS tokens that insert HTML are not permitted. Non-HTML tokens will still function as expected. Only the following 2 tokens are accepted for Plain text templates when sent to HomeAway.


-This will insert a link to take the user back to the HomeAway listing details page.


-This will insert a link to take the user back to the HomeAway Booking page.


To add a new template, go to :

  1. Management Company
  2. Newsletters & Templates
  3. Click the "New Template" Button
  4. In the "Add Template" box that appears, add a new email template by filling in the feilds
  5. Click the plain text check box
  6. Click Add


Email Quote Template Category

The category must be set as ‘Email Quote Template’ as below:

Then edit the template as usual, bearing in mind this is plain text only (the editor box will be a plain text box rather than the HTML editor).

Channel Manager

Next, go to the HomeAway tab in the Channel Manager


At the Bottom of the screen, click the ‘Templates’ button

HomeAway Website Inquiry Template

In the box that appears, specify the plain text templates as below