Guest Folio

The Guest Folio feature can assign the fees for additional extras to either the Agent, or the Guest, after a booking has been made.

For Example: If an Agent has booked a vacation and has included Accidental Damage Insurance / WiFi and a Pushchair, but the guest decides that they want to book a BBQ when they arrive at the front desk, then the guest will need to pay these extras directly.

With Guest Folio, Extras can either be charged to the Guest, or to the Agent, from within the (Total Booking Summery.)

Splitting Booking Extras between the Agent and the Guest

To Split the Booking Extras between the Agent and the Guest, open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click on the Extras Tab
  2. Check the box marked “Produce Guest Folio for Extras assigned to the guest?” The Window will then be split in to 2 sections
  3. Press the “Add” button and select e.g. “Continental Breakfast” and Press “Add

Edit the Booked Extra

To edit the Booked Extra and charge it from the Guest to the Agent, or vice versa:

  1. Press the “Edit"button
  2. Check either the Guest, or Agent radio buttons and
  3. Press “OK.

Send Guest Folio Email Conformation

Under the Extras Tab:

  1. Press the “Guest Folio” button
  2. Select “Guest Folio” Radio button
  3. Select a Template that you have created for this type of email - a new series of tokens are available for Guest Folio, which can be seen in the token list in the Template Editor 
  4. Either  the Email address manually or
  5. Press the “?” button to select it from contacts list.
  6. Press “Preview" to make sure that the information is correct
  7. Press “Send.”

Payment in Guest Folio Mode

If the “Produce Guest Folio for Extras assigned to the guest?” Button has been enabled under the “Extras” screen, it will also be reflected under the Payments screen and Under the “Totals” section, rather than just seeing the Grand Total, you can also see which fees have been split between the Guest and the Agent.