Training Videos

The CiiRUS Training Videos are designed for new users with little to no experience of using the CiiRUS Vacation Rental Software. The videos will serve as an instrument of instruction that facilitates the training process. The goal of these videos is to give a broad overview of the main functions of the software as well as provide some industry tips and suggestions. The videos will also list step by step instructions on how to use features of the software. If further explanation is required, please schedule a Q & A session with your CiiRUS Trainer to review any questions.

To access the Training Videos Interface:

  1. Click on the Training Video Button on the top Navigation Bar.

Training Videos Interface

  1. Use the buttons on the top row, to navigate between Tutorial Sessions.
  2. Click on the Chevron Buttons to show or hide a list of chapters within each video. Clicking on a chapter in the list will move the play head directly to that section of the Video. Please note: If a video does not have any subcategories / chapters, then clicking on the Chevron Button will move the play head to the beginning of the video instead.
  3. The Full Screen button will toggle between Full Screen mode and Compact mode. (Full Screen Mode Recommended).
  4. The Skip Back button will skip back to the previous chapter in the subcategories drop-down menu.
  5. The Play / Pause button is used to stop and start the video.
  6. The Skip Forward button will skip forward to the next chapter in the subcategories drop-down menu.
  7. The Close button will close the Training video's Interface and stop any active video from playing.
  8. This Play button can also be used to Start and Pause playback.
  9. The Time Slider can be used to drag the play head to any part of the video that you want to view and will also show you where you are in minutes and seconds, by dragging the slider from left to right.
  10. 5 diagonal lines control the Volume of your video. Dragging them completely to the Right will give you Full Volume and Dragging them completely to the Left will Mute the video.
  11. Pressing the HD button, will give you the option to upgrade, or downgrade the quality of your video. While the Auto feature is recommended, Internet speeds will vary throughout the world, so you may want to experiment with these settings if your ISP does not provide a fast, or stable internet connection. Please note: Although we have tried to make these video's as legible as possible, you may find it difficult to view them with clearly using anything under 720p.