Overview of Accounting Functions

This article is for the various CiiRUS accounting functions.

Instructions on how to use each feature will be reviewed in detail in the other chapters and articles located in the Accounting Functions manual.

Accounting Functions Overview

(1) Owner Accounts - From here you are able to view and edit the monthly owner statements. Once finalized you are able to email the statements to each owner or to all owners at once. You can also use this screen to generate owner account reports.

(2) Recurring Charges  - From here you can set up any charges that remain constant every month (management fees, pool fees, lawn fees, pest control, etc). Each month they will need to be processed manually or you enable the auto-process setting.

(3) Process Cleans - From here you will be able to decide whether a clean should be charged to the owner or not (Cleans will only show here once the status has been set to complete and the clean date has passed).

(4) QuickBooks - From here you will be able to make changes to your QuickBooks integration settings and export your checks, bill payments, and deposits directly to QuickBooks with the click of a button.

(5) Assets- From here you will be able to enter and store warranty cards and any other important document safely and securely to our server. You will also have the option to scan the actual document and save it along with the asset entry.

(6) Bill Payments - From here you will be able to enter, save, and pay your bills. You can group multiple invoices from the same company and pay them at once using the standard 3-part printable check. You will also be able to quickly print off ALL of your owner income checks with a few clicks of your mouse.

(7) Tax Reports / Processing - From here you will be able to track your taxed income and quickly apply tax charges to your owner statements. You will also have access to your various tax reports and be able to create 1099's and 1042's for your home owners.

(8) Finalize Month - Once an owner statement is ready to be sent out it is finalized so that no more changes can be made and it can be emailed to your owners. (This can be done per statement or all at once).

(9) Disburse Owner Amounts - From here you will be able to quickly disburse your owner amounts rental amounts from your reservations in one window. This will save you the time and frustration of having to disburse the owner income from each booking individually.

(10) Process Owner Booking Fees -  If you charge the owner a booking fee on their bookings, from here you will be able to quickly process and charge all owners the applicable fees.

(11) Owner Charges - From here you can configure any charges that are made to the owner on a booking that are deducted from the base rental amount due to the owner. They do not affect the amount that a guest pays and are invisible to both the owner and guest.  


For more detail and instruction on the features listed above, please refer to the other chapters and articles in the Accounting Functions manual (or click on the blue links).