Bill Payments Overview

With Accounting Functions activated in your CiiRUS account, you will gain access to the new Bill Payments feature.

This article will briefly go over the the Bill Payments feature and how it can help manage your business.

For more details about a particular function or setting within the Bill Payments screen please refer to the other articles in the Bill Payments documentation.

Bill Payments Screen

The Bill Payments feature in Accounting Functions is where you go to manage any out going payments. This can include payments to both service companies and home owners.

This feature will also allow you to generate and print professional looking QuickBooks three-part checks. Group multiple charges due to a particular company or account and print the charges onto a single check, making bill payments simple and easy.

To view your Bill Payments screen go to Accounting Functions and select Bill Payments from the panel on the left.

Bill Payments Table

From the Bill Payments screen you will find a table of all of your bills and owner payments. This table displays a wide variety of information that is associated will the bill or payment.

The available data columns are as follows:

  1. Date Bill Received -- This is the date that the bill was received by you management company. This date can be changed in the Bill Payment summary window.
  2. Bill From -- The company, owner, or point of contact that the bill is from and whom is owed payment. This name in this field will also be printed on the "Pay To the Order Of" line on the check.
  3. Ref / Check -- This is the check number associated to the bill payment. This number can be change in the Bill Payments summary window.
  4. Amount -- The total amount due for the bill and will be the dollar amount printed on the check.
  5. Paid -- If checked, the selected bill would have been paid. Once a bill is marked as paid, it cannot be deleted, only voided. You can mark a bill as paid in the Bill Payments summary window.
  6. Date Bill Paid -- If the bill has not been market as paid, this date in this field reflect when you expect the bill to be paid. Once you have market the bill as paid, the date should reflect when it was paid. This date will be printed on the check and can be changed manually from the Bill Payments summary window.
  7. Date Payment Due -- This is the date that the payment is due for a bill or owner.
  8. Memo -- Text seen in the Memo field will be printed on the memo line of the check. You can include a memo for any bill payment in the Bill Payments summary window.
  9. Invoice Number -- If the bill you recieve has an invoice number attached, you can enter this number in the Bill Payments summary window and save it with you bill records.
  10. Comments -- If you have any notes about a particular bill that you would like to save with your records you can enter them in the Comments text box in the Bill Payments summary window.
  11. Category -- The category refers to the point contact that the payment is meant for. The information displayed in this field is pulled from the service category set for the person in your Contact list.
  12. Payment Method -- This will display the payment method set for the bill from the Bill Payments summary window. See below screen
  13. Edit Bill -- You can edit bill details
  14. Void Bill  -- This will flag the selected bill as void
  15. Pay Owners Checks --  Create checks to pay your homeowners - See below Screen

floriwood (Administrator) - CiiRUS Rental Exchange 2015 (build 003).

Filter & Search Bills

The Bill Payments screen features a filter that makes it easy for you to filter and search bills entered into your account.

You have the option to filter bills by ether their Due, Received, or Paid date. You can also filter by the check status to show only Unpaid, Paid, or Overdue bills.

There are several other filter and search fields that will display a bill based on the the Vendor, Property, Check Number, or Invoice Number.

The filter panel can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the Filter button at the button left of the screen.

Filter & Search Bills

Bill Payment Summary Window

Bellow is the the Bill Payment summary window. This window will appear when ever you need to add or edit a bill payment, and shows you an example of how your payment check will appear when printed.

To open this window for a particular bill, find the bill you wish to view or edit, and double click on it. For more information about adding and editing bills, see the article titled Add, Delete, Void, & Edit Bills.

Pay Owners Window

The Pay Owners window makes it simple and easy to create checks to pay you home owners. The table in this window will display pertinent owner account information, and will show you the owners that you owe payment to.

For more information about the Pay Owners window and how to print checks for your owners, see the article titled, Pay Owner Checks.