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Add, Edit, Print Checks, Scan and Batch Billing

As a property manager, you will most likely be responsible for paying your home owners bills for services rendered to that home.

Tracking all of various bills for one property can be tricky, and having to do the same for several properties quickly becomes a pretty demanding task.

Fortunately CiiRUS has developed a Bill Payment module that makes it quick an easy to enter, store, organize, and pay all of your bills from one place.

This article will go over how some of the basic functions of the Bill Payments feature such as how to add new bills, edit current bills, and delete of void bills you no longer need.

Add a New Bill

To add a new bill, you will first need to select the company or vendor.  To do so click on the pull-up list next to Add new Bill For: and select the desired vendor from the list.

The companies and contacts seen in this list are populated from your Contacts and have been set as Vendors. For more information on contacts and vendors click here.

Once you have selected a vendor, click Add Bill to enter bill details.

Add a New Bill

Bill Payment Details Window

When you click Add New, a bill record will be created for the selected vendor and the Bill Payment details window will appear.

This window is where you will be able to enter various details about the bill.

Included Properties / Bill Items

The bottom portion of the Bill Payment details window is where you can add multiple properties to a single bill. This feature make bill payments easier for vendors whom service more than one of your homes.

  1. If you have accounts from the selected vendor saved to properties under MC Specific Property Details, and these accounts are set as Default for those properties, the properties will automatically appear on the bill.

You can also choose to manually include homes to a bill by first checking the box next to the desired properties in the Available Properties table, and then clicking the Selected button inside the <<Add panel. The Available Properties table will also show you the remaining Owner Account balance for each home.

To remove a property from the bill, check the box next to the property and click the Selected button in the Remove>> panel.

Scan & Save the Original Bill

You have the option to scan a copy of the bill you received from a vendor and save it to the CiiRUS cloud for safe storage.

Add -- To add a scan or save another digital form of the bill or invoice, click the Add button inside of the Scan panel. Clicking this button will open the Upload Bill window where you can choose to scan the document with your connected scanner, or browse for an existing file already saved to your computer.

Remove -- If there is an image already uploaded for this bill and you would like to delete it, click on the Remove button. When the confirmation window appears, click Yes to finalize removal of the saved document.

View -- To preview the document currently uploaded for the bill, click the View button inside of the Scan panel. This will open the saved document in your default web browser.

Scan &amp; Save the Original Bill

Check / Bill Totals: Calculate Mode

Check / Bill Totals: Manual Mode

Bill Dates, Invoice Number, and Payment Methods -

Enter the Bill Dates and Select the payment method you wish to use

Bill Dates, Invoice Number, and Payment Methods -

Edit a Current Bill

Delete a Bill

Delete a Bill

Void a Bill

Void a Bill