Configure Owner Account Settings

The owner accounts settings screen sets the categories, minimum balances, send net or whole amount and configure Quickbooks categories to set up your mappings.

1. Owner Account Categories

The default (Gray) categories cannot be removed. You can add additional categories by entering the name of the category (see 1)

2. Minimum Owner Account Balance

Enter the default Minimum Owner Account Balance, this will apply to all homes if no override amount has been entered on the screen:

Owners & Homes > MC specific Property Details > General (tab) > Override default minimum owner account balance

If amount exists, this will override the default

3. When Sending Payments to owners..

When Unchecked the net amount is sent to the owner account

When Checked the total amount is sent to the owner account

4. Owner Account Footer

Add the text that will appear at the bottom of the owner statements. Useful for where to send checks and other payment information

5. Configure (QuickBooks Mapping)

Used to map the categories in your account with the categories you have set in your QuickBooks account (when integrating Quickbooks)