Disburse Owner Amounts (RX)

Account Settings > Disburse Owner Amounts

This screen automates the allocation of monies sent to the owner accounts.

The amounts are derived from reservations and other income/expediture sources. You can also override the calculated amount by entering a new amount in the Balance Due To Owner column.

For more information on setting-up cleaning fee splits, please click on the following link House Keeping Fee Split (Global Setting)


Disburse Owner Amounts Screen

  1. The Balance due to Owner displays the calculated amount due to the owner. You can override the amount by entering a new value
  2. When a change has been made press Refresh List to view the changes
  3. Determines when the amounts should be posted to the owner account
  4. When Include then deduct MC commissions is checked, a new line item will appear in the owner statement showing the management company commission amount for each reservation. When unchecked the commission amount is not displayed and included in the amount to owner
  5. Check the boxes for the accounts to be paid in this batch
  6. Process Selected processes the current batch and allocates the amounts to the owner accounts
  7. “Split out pool heating in owner account?” Allows a specified potion of the pool heat charged to the guest to be split between the owner and the MC. When disbursing the amount due to the owner, the MC can select the option to “Split out pool heating in owner account?” by checking this box in the lower part of the Disburse Owner Amounts window. When checked, this will itemize the portion of the Pool Fee due to the MC when the owner income is sent to the owner statement, so that the owner can see how much of the Pool Fee that they are giving to the manager. The amount that will be itemized for pool heat can be seen from the MC Pool Heat Amount column found in the table.
  8. Export: The property manager can export all of the data currently visible in the Disburse Owner Amounts table using the “Export” button at the bottom of the window. This will package the data up into a .xls file and save this file to a location on the computer that the user has specified. The file will then automatically be opened by the default program selected for this file type.