Custom Tax Processing Date

Tax processing date can now be set against each booking. You can specify which tax month a booking falls in the tax report, rather than just calculating based on arrival or departure date.

Setup Tax Processing

Setup Tax Processing

To set the Tax processing mode:

Management Company -> Bookings List > General

Tax reports can be configured to operate in one of five ways:

  1. Arrival Date
  2. Departure Date
  3. Tax Report Date (custom)*
  4. Tax Report Date (if set) else Arrival Date
  5. Tax Report Date (if set) else Departure Date

*Option 3 allows each booking to be set to a custom tax date

Set Custom Report Dates (Bookings List)

The tax date can be set (Step 3 (above)) for each reservation:

Accounting Functions > Tax Reports / Processing > Select Reservation > Select Date from drop down (Tax Report date Column)

Note: If the Tax Report Heading does not appear in the bookings list, Right click on any heading and select 'Column Chooser' drag the 'Tax Report Date' heading to the position you would like it to appear:

Auto fill blank tax dates

Use the Tax Date auto fill feature to fill blank tax dates. Blank Tax dates can be set to Arrival or Departure:

Accounting Functions > Tax Reports / Processing > Tax Date

Tax Report View

The Tax Dates can be viewed (only) from the Tax Reports / Processing screen.