Saving and Publishing Your Work

There is an important difference between the save local and save remote buttons.

Publish Button (save to remote server and update live web page)

Pressing the Publish button save your changes to the server. For example if you are editing a web page and update some text, pressing the Publish button will update the live web page. When the web page is refreshed or viewed in a web browser you will see the updated text (or any changes you have made to the web page). Any web page changes are updated in real time when this button is pressed.

The Save Local Button

The Save Local button saves as a file to your local computer. This is useful and recommended to periodically save your changes as you work. You can recall a previously saved page by using the Open local file button located to the right of the save local button. The Save Local button will save your file in HTML format, the file will be saved in a folder on your PC (for Example My Documents folder). This file is not saved remotely and is not available or shared with other staff members working on other computers. The file cannot be opened by other members of staff if they are working on other computers.

These files serve as a backup of your work as you progress and make changes to your web page. For example if you have been saving your pages and you make a mistake, you can revert top a previously saved copy. In certain cases this could avoid having to start over. It is always good practice to periodically save your work.

Example file naming:

If you are working on your home page, you could save your pages by name, date and time:

my home page - Jan 23 2011 - 2-30 pm.html

my home page - Jan 23 2011 - 2-45 pm.html

my home page - Jan 25 2011 - 1-15 pm.html

If you make a mistake or prefer an older version of your work you could open a previously saved copy. This will replace the copy in the editor and update the live online version of the web page.

The Open Local File Button

The Open button will open (recall) a previously saved file. The file will be loaded in to the Web Site editor and will be simultaneously be uploaded and set as the live web page

Save and Open File

  1. Save Locally
  2. Open Local File
  3. Publish (save and update live web page)