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Add Images from your Web Image Library


Images contained in your Web Image gallery can be inserted in to a web page and the image size can be set.

Note: The Web Image Gallery contains images that are not specific to a home, these could include any images that could be used on your home page or any other non property specific webpage.

To Access the Image Library

To Access the Image Library
  1. Click on the image icon to access the web image Library

To Insert an Image to your Web Page

To Insert an Image to your Web Page
  1. Click on an image to select
  2. Set the height of the image as you would like it to appear **
  3. Press the Insert button

** Only the image height should be set, the aspect ratio of the image will be proportionally preserved when the height is set

Note: Resizing an image greater than it's original uploaded dimensions can result in a blurred or pixelated image. Resizing and image smaller than it's original file size or the same as the original file size is fine.

If an image larger than 1024 pixels is uploaded to the server the application will automatically re size the image to 1024 width or height (whatever is greater). Therefore the maximum file size stored on the server will be 1024 pixels. If an uploaded file is smaller than 1024 pixels then the file size is preserved