Working with Tables and Cells

Tables can be added and configured from the Web page editor. Borders and backgrounds added and dimensions set.

Note: To Edit a table, first click on the table to edit, then follow the steps below

To Add / Edit a Table

To Add / Edit a Table

Press the Table button

Formatting the Table

Formatting the Table
  1. The Number of Rows
  2. The Number of Columns
  3. Width
  4. Height
  5. The Caption that will appear above the Table (if required)
  6. The Border thickness in pixels (if using a border)
  7. Border Color
  8. Border Style
  9. Border Collapse
  10. Apply Border to Cell
  11. Cell Padding
  12. Cell Spacing
  13. Class Name
  14. CSS
  15. Background Color
  16. Background Picture (if required)
  17. Summary Descriptions for the Table
  18. Button to configure the Table Cells (see below)