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Customizing the Layout of the Search Grid

Customizing the Layout of the Search Grid

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The search Grid layout can be customized using valid HTML together with a set of available variables to display data contain in the database.

The code must be embed within the Table Tag



Below is the updated token list to use in the HTML for the grid row








[selectedcheck] (the green tick)







[amenities] (this entire image list of features this will wrap automatically to whatever you put it in)




[overview] (the new overview text, which can contain HTML if required)

[booknowurl] = this will be replaced with the URL to the book now page

[ratesurl] = rates / quote link

[contacturl] = contact form link

[detailsurl] = details page

There are 3 conditional tags you can use. If you enclose stuff in these, then they will only show under certain conditions.

{ifpricing}html here {/ifpricing}

This only shows if there is pricing details (ie the user has entered dates in the date picker). This stops html text labels from showing when there is no pricing to show

{ifconvertpricing}html here{/ifconvertpricing}

Put stuff in here that will only show when there is some currency conversion results to show

{ifbooknowenabled}html here{/ifbooknowenabled}

Anything between these 2 tags will only show if the property has been set to allow online bookings

You can nest an item above within another item like I have done on the template below, to show things when 2 conditions are true. E.g. I only show the convert pricing if there is also pricing, so one is within the other.

Accessing the Grid Row HTML Page

Accessing the Grid Row HTML Page

Example Syntax

Example Syntax

Customized Grid

Customized Grid