Setting Search Display Options

The position and visibility of the Property Search Grid can be set

The selected property bar can be turned On / Off

The property feature Icons position can be set

To Access the Property Search Grid

Website and Marketing > General Settings > General (tab) > Property Search Grid

To Access the Property Search Grid

Property Search Grid Settings

Property Search Grid Settings
  1. In most cases, the property Search Grid is displayed on a Search properties web page (to call this page if you are using a custom menu: Search.aspx , However it can also be displayed on the Home Page. Note this could slow the performance of your web site.
  2. The number of properties to display On the search Grid. The Default is set to display 5 properties
  3. If the search bar should appear on every web page
  4. Show selected property on every web page
  5. Set where the property feature icons should appear

Search For a Home Page Web Page

  1. Selected Property Bar
  2. Search Bar
  3. Property Feature Icons