The Default Description Set

Each description set can be edited from the descriptions screen using WYSIWYG or HTML mode in the same manner as any other web page. Each section is an independent unit with its own editor. The order in which the description sections appear on the web page can be set.

Images, tables, and cells can be added using the web page editor, or any valid HTML can be used when working in HTML mode.

It is always good practice to periodically Save each section Locally as you edit each section. If any mistakes are made, you can reload a previously saved section.

Note: Using the Save Local feature will only save the selected section, not the entire description set.

To Access the Description screen

To Access the Description screen

The Default Description

Each section can be edited or deleted (except for the Overview, which can only be edited but not deleted).

Below is a link to an example property listing page:

To set the order of appearance for a section

1. The up/down arrows set the order that the sections will appear on the website description page.

Adding a New section

2. Unlimited Sections can be added to a description set.

Press the Add button to add a new section. Enter the title for the new section and press OK

Deleting a Section

3. To Delete a section, first click on the section: the active section will be highlighted. Click on the Delete button to remove the section.

Reset the Template

4. Resetting the template will delete all the sections and content and replace the template with one of the default templates available from the drop-down list.

Note: Save any information you have added before resetting the template,

Duplicate for Agent

5. This will copy the exact description set you currently have in place. But will allow you to add different information depending on what you want your listing to say on your Agents website. Be sure when you are setting up your listings to send to your Agent, that you select the Agent Description Set.

Plain Text

6. This is where you store your description so that it will show in the "Description" tab on your website (for the newer style description sets.) Also, if you stream your homes with Channel Managers such as HomeAway, this is where they pull the descriptions from.


7. This will allow you to view how this property page will look on your website.


Copy and Pasting Information from Another Source

When pasting information in to the editor, use plain text. If you are pasting text from another website or a rich text editor like Microsoft Word, the formatting and font in formation will also be copied. This can produce unexpected results.

See section: copy and pasting text from another application