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Title, Bullet Points, Short Description, SEO

The property title that appears on the web site can be different to the internal name used as a property reference.

The Bullet points that appear in the search grid listings can be set

The short description that that be optionally displayed in the search listing can be set

The search engine optimization meta tags for the property can be set

Title / Bullet Points

Title / Bullet Points
  1. The name of the description set
  2. Enter the title of the property. The title will be displayed on the website search results
  3. The bullet points are the main property features. The bullet points will appear on the property search results
  4. The Search Grid overview is the short description. The short description can be optionally added to a custom search results listings
  5. By default the SEO meta tags will contain the property title, the first 75 characters of the overview. You can enter custom information in to the SEO meta tags. See Search Engine Optimization