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Working with Multiple Description Sets

What is a Description Set

Each property can have multiple description sets. The second or third description set is generally used in conjunction with a SuperSites. All descriptions that are used on SuperSites originate from the master account. A description for a property that appears on a SuperSite cannot be created in the SuperSite. The description must be created in the account where the property originates (the master management company account). The description can be sent (made available) to any SuperSite account with the permission of the originating master account.

Below are a few examples of how alternative descriptions can be used for SuperSites:

  1. You have made available a SuperSite for one of your agents. A generic description could be created without any emails or telephone numbers to allow the agent to market the property.
  2. You have created a web site in another language. The property description that is displayed could be a translated version of the original description and adapted for the second or third language website.
  3. You create a near duplicated website of the master website and update all the descriptions for the purposes of search engine optimization.

Each additional Description set section can also contain:

  • Meta tag information for the search engine optimization,
  • Title of the property that is displayed on the web site,
  • Bullet points that appear in the search grid and the
  • Short description that can optionally appear in the search grid and the featured properties section.

How to Add a New Description Set