The Property Image Gallery

The image gallery contain all the images associated with the selected property. Images can be uploaded in JPG or PNG format. If the uploaded image is greater than 1000 pixels, the images are re sized to a to 1000 pixels. If the image is less that 1000 pixels then the images is uploaded at the original size.

Note: Do not upload images to The Web Image Gallery that belong to a specific property. Property specific Images must be uploaded to the Image Gallery (this section). The Web Image Gallery is for non property specific image, like images for your home page or company about us page.

To access the Property Image Gallery

To access the Property Image Gallery

Image Gallery Page

  1. To upload an image to the image gallery for the selected property, drag and drop an image from a folder on your computer in to the white space provided. The image will be re sized if necessary and uploaded to the server.
  2. The existing available image in show in the order they will be displayed when using the default image players and templates.
  3. The image title (not displayed on the website
  4. Press the Up/Down arrows to set a different display order
  5. Delete an image from the image gallery