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What is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Module

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Module includes the tools required to help increase your search engine rankings.

When search engines index a page, a robot will crawl the page, read the page's meta-tags, content, and links. The search engine will use this information to help determine the position the page will appear when a user enters a search term. Many factors will influence the page ranking for a search term or keywords.

The SEO module is an optional extra that is available for a management company, agent, or homeowner website. As part of this package, the Ciirus staff will manually create a 50 page custom report each month, containing information on how your website is performing compared to your competitors' keywords and many other factors.

Not only will the module help with search engines, the module also includes features that will help keep visitors on your website.

The SEO module includes the following features:

To activate the SEO module, Contact Ciirus

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