How to Redirect a Page

To access the Page Redirects tab, click:

  1. Website & Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Page Redirects

Page Redirects Screen

  1. Source Page: (Original URL, before a Redirect has been applied).
  2. Redirect to Page:  (Destiation of the new URL).
  3. Quick Pick: To use Quick Pick, highlight the page on the left that you want to be the Redirect to Page (i.e, which page that the redirect will end up at) and double-click on the URL on the right to swap it.
  4. Add: To add a redirect manually, press the Add button, enter the Source page name and the Redirect page name and press add. The results will be shown in the list on the left of the screen.
  5. Add Blank: Manually creates the Redirect
  6. Delete: Removes an already created Redirect.


The user requests page:

the relative path for this page would be:


For this example, say /mandy.aspx no longer exists as a valid page, but we do not wish to lose the SEO we have built historically for the content on this page, for this reason we could configure a destination page via the relative path of the destination page. So, /ref33674.aspx would actually load the page:


The 301 redirect in this case will take the requested invalid page of:

and will respond to the user with the following page instead: